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Transport: Beans & Grains — Stocking the Community Supported Kitchen

a cultural engine begins

Cultural Engines empower communities to serve themselves.  They cultivate visionary local leadership — & create pathways to access the unique & essential gifts in everyone — while driving a wider cultural paradigm-shift forward.

Cultural Engines weave containers in which we all may develop core leadership skills, as we learn to bring the work of regeneration to all of our Home communities.

Participants in this Philadelphia-based Engine, will learn hard skills in building, permaculture, organic gardening, community event production, & environmental education — & remain at choice about their particular areas of focus.

The installation of a food system & the creation of a Community Supported Kitchen are the program’s feature projects — alongside the creation of two seasonal celebration events.

Graduates emerge inspired, broadly-skilled, de facto community leaders, & comprise a troupe of social entrepreneurs.

This blog will visually tell its story.  Thank you for being you.