Community-Supported Kitchen Menu: Week 5


Greens Hummus, with Pistachios, Olives: Starting with a base of the Swiss Chard Hummus we offered in Week 3, we add pistachios, olives, ginger, za’tar, & more to create a rich spread for bread or vegetables. & if you have that summer cold that seems to be going around, add hot water to turn it into a nourishing soup.

Quinoa & Carrots: Fragrant & tender, quinoa is protein-rich grain traditionally grown by Quechua-speaking peoples of the Andes Mountains. Here it is offered pairing with herbs, spices & carrots. Quinoa may be eaten & paired like a rice dish or any other grain. In other words, a sauté of greens or other vegetables, or some grilled meat would be fine accompaniments to the dish. Or for a lighter meal, the dish can be paired with raw summer veggies (like.. a corn, tomato & garlic relish).

Enjoy friends.


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