Educational Program in Traditional Shipibo Medicine

Amongst the diverse, world-connecting offerings that this Cultural Engine supports, is an upcoming educational program for healers in Amazonian indigenous medicine.  The program runs from the 31st of January to February 6th.  The location is the Western Amazon Basin — near the Peruvian city of Pucallpa.  Tuition for the program is $600.

Below is an information packet.  Read it for more information.

Any interested parties MUST fill out the nested form to be considered eligible.

SHIPIBO MEDICINE PROGRAM — information packet

Learn about an ancient healing art — & bring its wisdom home to your own practice.


The birth of a tropical food system — a tributary of the Learning Garden (below)

and before the Learning Garden (in the post below), Frances & Elyssa collaborated & found inspiration in Costa Rica — at a center for sustainable living & natural building called Rancho Mastatal in the highlands south of San Jose.

Frances undertook the work of redesigning & leading the planting of that community’s food system.  Here is a visual story of those transformations.

an urban Permaculture Learning Garden — a tributary of the Cultural Engine

an urban Permaculture Learning Garden — a tributary of the Cultural Engine

Frances Rose, before she moved to West Philadelphia, helped develop a fenceless food forest in an urban county park in Jersey City.

Green Collar Futures — an organization that she co-founded with Elyssa Serrilli — is a service-learning & green collar vocational training program that yielded, in it’s pilot phase, this edible & medicinal food forest-to-be.  The link above features the visual story of this garden.

First Autumn Harvest Feast