Gaia — artist: Alex Grey

Cultural Engines weave community.  They weave a powerful story of interconnection & love — one of a service to Life, & to one another, fueled by Love.  We, the Engineers, engage together in conscious co-creation, as we make manifest the better world our hearts tell us is possible.   And like the living patterns on Earth, after which every Cultural Engine is modeled, they make more (& more kinds) of themselves possible, as they adapt in form & proliferate — essentially, by growing regenerative culture.

Cultural Engines train communities of collaborators to engage together in the work of regeneration — (the means by which life makes more of itself possible).  All the while, Engines feed & nourish bodies & souls, by bringing people together over healing foods, healing arts, & healing practices — & weave as well people to place, by re-connecting communities to local foodsheds, art projects, & to one another.  As a result, Engines grow a community’s capacity to nourish, feed, & help itself — all while performing necessary work, or by offering some plainly valuable good or service to communities in active support.

For example, the West Philly Cultural Engine produced this season a Community Supported Kitchen ( a CSK ) that offered 15 subscribers 21 weeks of prepared menus — filling a vital niche in the lives & diets of many.  Meanwhile, the success of the CSK, is not measured simply in terms of numbers, but also the grown kitchen- & collaborative-capacities of all who learned to source, cook, serve & teach around regenerative food systems.  Therefore, Cultural Engines are more than vocational training programs.  They are nourishing seeds of regenerative enterprise, & pathways to right livelihood for all involved — planted in the soil of a gift economy.

Meanwhile, so much like the patterns of Life after which Engines are modeled, the closer one observes, the more it all can look like magic.  At some fundamental level, our process is to simply re-arrange the existing to become nourishing — (exactly how Life turned this planet from the rock it was into a living garden of diversity) — & we, as Life, are possessed of that same capacity.  Highly adaptable, Engines weave themselves into the cultures of any place.  In West Philadelphia, the Engine has woven itself deeply into Radical Faerie culture — & now, increasingly, into other communities of strength, that also exist in close proximity.  ❤  .


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