Ultimately, why was this Engine sparked to life?  & why is its form significant?

Hopefully, we are effectively painting a picture of a living system that grows holistic community — & as well, a living system that strengthens larger ecosystems of many communities that feel linked & stronger together.  Meanwhile, the Engine operates in the same essential realms that seem to govern the mess of the world — where many of us experience cultural, economic, political, social, & physical problems.  Essentially, the Engine is put forth as a model that can meet unmet needs in all of these realms, as it weaves them into a cohesive whole, & which runs on the very stuff of life, love, & family that seem to be the source of happiness & joy for most of the globe.

And so the hope & vision go:  that a healthy system, that runs on its own energy — & that meets all the needs of Life — could peacefully supplant our dying Modern World.

The verb ‘supplant’ is taken from ecosystem observation, & used to indicate a natural transition between physical states — one brought about by a change in growing conditions that undermine a system’s ability to thrive, or survive.  The peaceful nature of this kind of transition may be seen frequently in Northeast forests, as the standing skeletons of fast-growing, sun-loving, cedar & birch trees are seen to have been shaded out of their turn at dominance — by the slower, but taller & stronger, oaks & maples.

And so we the Engines grow — at our own speed — & create living systems that find potentially limitless nourishment on the land on which we live — a distinct advantage over a fading system that steals & transports, with great effort, all it needs to survive — (in short, a system not rooted in the ground on which it sits — nor in the communities that breathe it to life).  ❤  .


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