2nd Season of the Community Supported Kitchen begins!!


The Community Supported Kitchen (or ‘CSK’) is a community food program that offers education, nourishment, food training & more.  It grows regenerative food culture in all the communities it touches.  Sourcing ingredients wherever possible directly from local farmers, co-ops, local gardens, & organic fields, the CSK puts people directly in touch with a regenerative local food system — one that gives back to earth & earthlings more than it takes.  In short, this food heals the planet.


We are coming into Week 4 of the 14-week second season, which features community cooking days, learning events, support groups, righteous food, & spotlights on peasant food traditions of the world.  Here is this season’s menu offerings:


***** the Weekly Menu *****

The Weekly Menu features 3 cohesive dishes — which means a meal for 2 to 4 fae, or are also able to be enjoyed separately, & with your own inclusions. The Kitchen & its subscribers will tour the world, as the Kitchen represents, as faithfully as possible, peasant foods of the world — robust, nourishing, delicious, & earthy.

Featured regions & cuisines will include: the Mediterranean, Indian, East & West African, Japanese, Chinese, & various tastes from across the Americas.



***** Community Supported Hummus *****

Hummus is a shared name offered to the chick pea in both Arabic & Hebrew. Hummus builds strong bodies. Our Hummus subscription is an exploration of the chick pea — in many flavors, & multiple guises — from Fae who LOVE the chick pea.



***** Community Supported Ferments *****

Right now, we’re sharing with you our faemily sauerkraut. We have beets on the way for kvass & a lactoferment of beets & seeds. We also love ogi, a fermented millet porridge that pairs beautifully with all of the above. How about dosas? rejuvelac? curious? Talk to us.
Tell us what ferments you want to eat, or try. ❤ .



***** Spirulina Popcorn Extravaganza *****

This is an olive oil-laced, spirulina-colored, nutritional yeast-enhanced, black pepper-spiked, truffle-scented, house-spiced eating extravaganza.



***** House Spice *****

An opening, warming, fresh blend of organic spices/seeds that includes coriander, fennel, chili flakes, caraway, dill, pink himalayan sea salt, & thyme.

&, the Kitchen is able to offer a limited number of glass, spice grinders to those without.


***** Sunflower Za’atar *****

Za’atar is an ancestral spice blend from the Eastern Mediterranean. It tends to include sesame, sumac, & a green herb like thyme. We blend ours with sea salt, chili flakes, & toasted, soaked-sunflower seeds.



***** Bulk Gomasio *****

Gomasio is a delicious, nutritious, protein-rich condiment from Japan. It contains sesame seeds, seaweed, & sea salt that are lightly toasted & slightly ground.



***** Dosa Batter *****

Dosas are a bread of South India. These thin, delicious, savory crepes, made from a fermented batter of rice & lentils, are the daily bread of many South Indians, where wheat will not grow easily. The CSK makes available its ‘house-spice’-laced dosa batter — (not the prepared breads) to its subscribers in 32 ounce containers.

To prepare dosas at home you will need a large, non-stick skillet, or a beautifully seasoned pan.


***** Soaked, sprouted beans, or grains, nuts (nuts also then toasted) *****

Nuts, beans & grains are seeds. If planted, they can sprout into plants that can make more of themselves possible. Until then, they protect themselves naturally, until conditions are favorable for them to grow. Soaking & sprouting nuts, beans, grains & seeds:
– removes the plant’s protective layers,
– converts more of its energy into its own deeper essential form, &
– makes them more bioavailable to our body’s digestive processes

Curious? Talk to us.
Tell us what seeds call to you to eat in this way. ❤ .