4th Season of the Community Supported Kitchen — and the vocal return of the Cultural Engine!


Hello friends!  We know it’s been a long time since we last communicated on this channel.  We also know that it is high time that we return — our Engineers are back in town, and this season is shaping up to be the most exciting yet.  The seasons past have included much land work, much food preparation, much community organizing, as well as much dreaming & cross-pollination.  Our hope is to catch you up on at least some of those details past to fill you in, as we keep you up to speed on the latest.  Speaking of the latest, the 4th Season of the Community Supported Kitchen begins on Sunday Nov. 15th.  If you want more information, please visit our online survey form.  Here are some of our articulated goals for this season in the Kitchen & beyond.

CSK Season 4 – Goals Articulation

– We share, celebrate & educate around regenerative food cultures & practices.

– We provide delicious, nourishing, righteously-sourced food — & share the wherewithal for anyone to make it at home.

– We demonstrate & actualize a system of eating that heals the planet, and raises the collective health of our shared communities.

– The space becomes a hub to connect our intersecting communities — as we explore the potential of living systems to self-organize & add value to our lives.

– We co-create a collaborative atmosphere & feel, each of us, empowered to make the space fit ​each of ​our needs & desires — as we grow together a learning & playing environment that feels relevant to our lives.

– We co-create a space that is nourishing to our bodies, minds, and spirits.

– We co-create a growing vision of and toward a Faerie Ca’Fae & store-front in West Philly — and practice working together toward common goals.

– We create opportunities for abundance and capital in many forms to flow amongst all involved.

– We gather in the financial abundance we need to sustain the CSK and to support our lives and work.


As we said, we’re hosting our first gathering date of the Kitchen season on Sunday, Nov. 15th.  If you want more information, please visit our online survey form.  thank you.  And happy cooking. ❤ .