CSK: Cook Day this Sunday — Holy Land Menu

Greetings, foodie friends ❤
We write today with both a reminder about this Sunday’s cook day at the Starship (3:33-9:33, 1117 S. 46th St.) — and to announce the Menu.  When we last wrote to you we hadn’t yet been clear on what it would be.  We now have one of incredible depth & interest, that promises to be DELICIOUS.  The Kitchen will be traveling to Jerusalem on Sunday.
Jerusalem is a revered place at the edge of three continents.  It is a holy place, and a Home place, to so many different peoples — and has been so for thousands of years.  Indeed, the place has been the focus of bitter disputes, battles, and also the destination & setting for countless religious pilgrimages.
The CSK (naturally) endeavors to find a spiracular focus, over & above the fray of disagreements about the place, and cook a sublime menu that weaves together common threads of comfort, familiarity, and joy.
Why Jerusalem? you ask… Why the Holy Land?
Because all land is Holy Land.  All lands are the subject of dispute.  Meanwhile, people still have to eat — and the fruits of any land are generally what the people have to eat.  People, especially over generations & often in spite of themselves, allow their hunger & tastes to betray whatever political or religious ideology they may be trying to hold on to.  When people remain in close quarters, as they have in Jerusalem for so long, sharing inevitably occurs (both conscious & unconscious).  Tastes & recipes are shared, changing inexorably cuisines & cultures, until the next waves of change lap on shore.
At the CSK, we hope to share the amazing flavors & traditions of the Holy Land, and draw parallels between our own Home, the lands that feed us, and the common threads of food & family that transcend difference.

The Acorn Journey Continues – Part 2!

Several amazing people gathered at the Starship on Sunday, January 10, for our first CSK cook day of 2016! We started off by preparing a giant bucket of saurkraut. Saurkraut is an eastern European dish that involves fermenting shredded cabbage in a salt water brine, which encourages the bacteria lactobacillus. This bacteria is already naturally present (and highly beneficial) in our digestive systems, meaning that eating saurkraut is great for your gut! 

 Inline image 1
Love & SG1 massaging salt into the gargantuan bowl of shredded cabbage (thanks for the donated cabbages, Love!).

Ah, you still want to hear more about the acorns, don’t you? After y’all did such a fabulous job cracking and shelling acorns, Frances Rose and I (with help from Geraldine) ground them into a flour and leached out the bitter tannins. The result was a wet lump of acorn flour, ready to use, dry, refrigerate, or freeze. We experimented with an acorn pie crust (created by simply adding maple syrup to the wet flour and pressing it into a pan). The attendees of Faerie Camp Destiny’s More than Annual Meeting got to enjoy an acorn apple pie, made from the very acorns we harvested from the Destiny forests.

Of course, we just had to save some acorn flour for the CSK! We defrosted it and made two totally different (but equally amazing) acorn flour dishes at the last cook day. Our savoury dish was salty, buttery acorn spaetzle (a small German dumpling). We used this recipe from honest-food.net, which involved combining acorn flour with wheat flour. 

Inline image 4
Spaetzle featured on our eastern European-inspired CSK dinner table. 
For dessert, we whipped up a transcendently sumptuous, moist, lighter-than-air acorn chocolate cake. This was adapted from a flourless carob cake recipe found in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. We replaced the carob powder in the cake with acorn flour, and the carob powder in the icing with cocoa powder. This dish was free of any other flours besides acorn, which really allowed the spicy nuttiness of the acorns to shine. 

Inline image 5
The glorious chocolate-coated acorn cake. 
The acorn flour really worked wonders for our dinner table!!! We’re very impressed with its rich flavour and versatility. It’s been so satisfying to enjoy the fruits (nuts?) of our labour, and to share it all with our CSK family. Thank you to all of you who helped us crack into this ancient culinary magic! 
Are any of you feeling a little let down because you weren’t able to enjoy the acorns with us? Fear not! There is some more flour in the freezer, and we’re working on leaching a fresh batch of nuts right now. The CSK will play with acorns again!

Until next time!

With acorn-fueled ardor,

❤ Acorn & Frances Rose