CSK Cook Day this Sunday! And an update from the Holy Land <3

Greetings, fellow food journeyers!

We write today to:
  • announce our next CSK Cook Day & Dinner;
  • to remind about subscribing to our prepared foods menu;
  • to celebrate our last Cook Day journey to Jerusalem;
  • and for those who have just joined us, we revisit our goals & offer a bird’s eye view of the CSK.
Please come play & explore with us at the next…
CSK Cook Day & Dinner – Featuring Eritrean Cuisine
Sunday, February 7, 3:33-9:33
Starship Lollipop (1117 S. 46th St.)
Eritrea is a coastal nation on the Horn of Africa whose cultural & culinary influences are many & varied.  The cuisine is outstanding! It features stewing traditions of East Africa, the diversity & flavors of the East Asian spice trade, and the (at least) fragrant legacy of more than a half-century of Italian colonial occupation.  The evening will culminate in a sit-down dinner of large family-style platters of Eritrean food.  
Rose was taught some aspects of this food tradition from a former soldier in the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front named Tsegai. As he tells the story, when the other soldiers tasted his food, much to Tsegai’s dismay at the time, they insisted he offer his gun on to someone else, and cook for them instead. ❤ .
This is also a friendly reminder that the CSK offers a subscription service! You can sign up to receive ready-made food of varied sorts from our kitchen – check out this REGISTRATION form for all the details. 
Our Journey to Jerusalem
Thank you to all the magical beings (that’s you!) who helped us craft an exquisite meal inspired by Jerusalem (and the holiness of all land) at our last CSK Cook Day. Together we prepared a myriad of delicious dishes offered to the world by just some of the many peoples who call Jerusalem Home.
Inline image 4
A bowl of garlic greens dressed with lemon tahini sauce. 
Inline image 3
Our homemade deep fried falafel!!! This was so amazing and easy that we had to roll out some more of these the next day in the recycled fry-oil. 
Although we started the day with a small group of dedicated cooks, we found ourselves with a crowd of 22 just before dinner! We all gathered around the table to share a moment of deep gratitude for the plants, animals & peoples who made it all possible. 
Inline image 1
After saying our blessings, we feast!
New to the CSK? Here’s a short description & some goals that guide us.

We are a passionate team of co-creatively minded kitchen faeries, who, alongside offering *delicious* & righteously​-​sourced food, strive to share & emphasize principles of regeneration, that seem to grow continuing cycles of richness & vitality,​ in & across our ​connected​ communities​.​

We help people connect with a passion for Life, through the shared experience of preparing, and then sharing, local, delicious food.  We plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing the skills & knowledge required to prepare amazing food, while investing in a local, community food system that nourishes deeply any place we call Home.
Our goods & services are grounded in the gift economy.  We offer the CSK because it a joy for us to do so, and also because we carry a sense of knowing that this kind of healing is both essential, and sadly in short supply in the world.  Yet, because things cost money in same said world, we offer our goods & services on a sliding-scale donation basis, though truly remain fueled by gratitude.
Some of our goals in offering the CSK are the following: 
– We share, celebrate & educate around regenerative food cultures & practices.
– We provide delicious, nourishing, righteously-sourced food — & share the wherewithal for anyone to make it at home.
– We demonstrate & actualize a system of eating that heals the planet, and raises the collective health of our shared communities.
– The space becomes a hub to connect our intersecting communities — as we explore the potential of living systems to self-organize & add value to our lives.
– We co-create a collaborative atmosphere & feel, each of us, empowered to make the space fit ​each of ​our needs & desires — as we grow together a learning & playing environment that feels relevant to our lives.
– We co-create a space that is nourishing to our bodies, minds, and spirits.
– We co-create a growing vision of and toward a Faerie Ca’Fae & store-front in West Philly — and practice working together toward common goals.
– We create opportunities for abundance and capital in many forms to flow amongst all involved.
– We gather in the financial abundance we need to sustain the CSK and to support our lives and work.
With love & a hunger for more,
❤ Frances Rose & Acorn