CSK Bonus Cook Times & the Magic of Fermentation!

CSK Internships / Bonus Cook Times
Do you love cooking with the CSK? Do you want to help provide wholesome, amazing food to your community? Is the idea of going home with delectable food in exchange for your service delightful to you? 
Join us at the Starship (1117 S. 46th St.) on …
THURSDAYS – 3:03pm-5:33pm
to process our weekly donation from the Fair Food Farm Stand
FRIDAYS – 11:33am-3:33pm
to prepare the CSK subscription menu items and continue processing the abundance
Please RSVP to let us know that you intend to join, or are on your way.
Please note also that these bonus cook times will likely NOT occur between March 3-11, nor on Friday, March 18.  
Contact us to be sure. ❤ .
The Magic of Fermentation
At our last CSK evening workshop we gathered together to celebrate the magic of fermented foods! Fermentation is the bio-chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms. Not only does fermentation make possible many of our favourite foods (bread, cheese, beer, coffee …), it also makes our food easier to digest and more nutritious. Eating fermented foods that still contain living bacteria (i.e. have not been cooked) carry these beneficial bacteria to our digestive system, where they help us break down & digest further food.  For more information and recipes, check out Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. 
We explored a diverse menu of offerings, includingdosas (south Indian flat bread), ogi (African fermented millet porridge), labneh (a simple cheese made from yogurt), radish root kimchi (Korean spicy fermented vegetables), brine & whey tonics, kishk (powdered yogurt & bulgur condiment), apple cider vinegar, &sauerkraut (eastern European fermented cabbage). 
Inline image 3
Our menu of ferments. Thank you, Bri, for the gorgeous flowers!
We started out the evening chopping vegetables for kimchi and preparing other ferments, like the labneh pictured below. Labneh is a super easy to make cream cheese. All you have to do is place a colander over a bowl, line the colander with paper towel, and drop in yogurt! This is covered overnight in a cool place. The next day, you’ll see that the whey has all drained into the bowl, and the labneh remains. This can then be seasoned with salt and house spice and enjoyed with almost anything. Don’t forget to save the probiotic living whey you collected -this is delicious in water with a little maple syrup, or in your favourite smoothie. 
Inline image 4
Yogurt on its way to becoming labneh!
As we finished setting up our various ferments, we started cooking up dosas to do some taste tests of ferments that we had made in advance of the workshop (the ones just set up would need hours to months before being ready to eat). We filled our dosas with all sorts of delicious ingredients, most of which were rich with living micro-organisms. Yum!
Inline image 1
Just a few of our subscription items
Blessed be. ❤ .

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