Journey to Eritrea

Greetings, all. ❤ .
The CSK journeyed to Eritrea, a coastal nation on the Horn of Africa whose cultural & culinary influences are many & varied.  The cuisine is outstanding! It features stewing traditions of East Africa, the diversity & flavors of the East Asian spice trade, and the at least fragrant legacy of more than a half-century of Italian colonial occupation.
A dedicated team of CSK cooks brought together a magnificent multi-dish meal. We kept ourselves fueled with shredded, toasted & spiced injera, the spongy flatbread that is a staple of Eritrean & Ethiopian cuisines. While much of our injera was supplied pre-made from Makkah Market, we also endeavored to make our own. The process begins with soaking teff flour for a couple of days, until it has begun to ferment (this is what gives injera its sourdough taste). We then salted the teff mixture and used it like pancake batter, pouring it into thin pools in a non-stick pan until it bubbled and the edges rose. However, unlike a pancake, injera is only cooked on one side, which leaves the other soft & spongy.
Inline image 4
The many dishes of our meal, served over four homemade injera breads. 
We served the remainder of the feast on the larger, pre-made injera. Because store-bought and restaurant injera often contains wheat (rather than 100% teff flour), we were grateful to have our homemade alternative as a gluten-free option. 

Inline image 2
Beginning with the dark triangle at the top of the plate and continuing clockwise, the stews we prepared were: alicha (mixed vegetables), birsin (red lentils), hamli (greens), kantisha (mushrooms, supplied by the Mycopolitan Mushroom Company, an amazing source for locally grown mushrooms), and shiro wat (chickpea flour porridge topped with a spiced clarified butter called niter kibbeh). 
Inline image 1
Our amazing spread!!!
We feasted beautifully, and greatly enjoyed each other’s company. It is a very special thing to share a faemily table with you all. 
Until we next,
❤ Acorn & Frances Rose

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