Welcoming *K is for Kitchen* & our *Faemily Table*

Greetings, Food-lovers <3. 
We are so thrilled to introduce our new regenerative enterprise, 
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A few short months ago, we asked ourselves ‘How do we sustain this work that we love, while remaining in integrity with our values? What is our thrivelihood (& how do we find it)?’  
Perhaps it comes as no surprise that our hearts & minds went first to food.  We know that we eat beautifully everyday, and that we love to help others do the same.  We also know that we want to be able to continue offering the CSK in a gift economy, while also gathering in the financial abundance we need to support our lives, works, & dreams. 
Thus, K is for Kitchen was born!  Through the name, we hope to both play with, and offer acknowledgment back to, that which brought us here — namely the CSK, and all of you.  It seems clear to us that K is for Kitchen & the CSK are something like two sides of the same coin, with much of what we do dancing on the growing edge in between.  It is natural then, and perhaps unsurprising, that the mission of K is for Kitchen shares much in common with that of the CSK.  Through both we intend: 
To connect people with a passion for Life, through the shared experience of preparing & enjoying beautifully-sourced, delicious food. 
We intend to offer this connection through many channels, including:
  • Personal chef-ing
  • Cooking instruction
  • Holistic nutrition consultation (& menu planning)
  • Educational dinner parties
  • Food for workshops & events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Buying club organization
  • and something new we’re calling our Faemily Table (which is detailed below).
Your support as we birth K is for Kitchen means so much.  Please … 
Our generosity grows through yours.  Thank you all for being a part of the CSK, and for your ongoing love & support. Without you, none of this would be possible. ❤ .
Meet K is for Kitchen around our Faemily Table!
We invite anyone curious (or already excited!) about our food & our approach, to share together a vibrant nightlife around a delicious table of beautifully-sourced food, and conversation that matters.
How it works
One to two nights a week, we open our dinner table to anyone who arrives — by reservation — to join us for dinner in our Home. Our goal is to share with you the exquisite food experiences that are already seamlessly interwoven in our lives as we cook a delicious, nourishing meal for ourselves, and up to 6 guests. All arrive to a diverse table of mixed faemily, good conversation, and to enjoy a sublime peasant dinner together.
Your investment
We request a sliding-scale donation from each guest of $11-33, to cover the cost of the ingredients and to support our work in the world.

What is this? 

These each are beautiful opportunities to have fun, eat amazing food, bring friends, to enjoy great & often likely surprising company, as well as to invest in regenerative food systems. We look forward to seeing you around our Faemily Table!

When are these?

The first one will be Tuesday, March 22nd from 7:03-9:03.  
And, since we don’t want to overwhelm this CSK e-mail list with our Faemily Table announcements, you’ll need to follow this link to get on our Faemily Table announcement list — (the form takes less than a minute).
News of K is for Kitchen & the Faemily Table almost arrived in our last message to you all.  We decided to send them in two mailings because we thought that these updates are dense enough already 😉 .  
The experience though offers us pause to appreciate the volume & flow of that which is being birthed into the world right now that we feel moved to share with you.  Thank you for sharing the journey with us.  Our hope, truly, is to help make y’all’s journeys all the brighter & more delicious for it.  As always, let us know how we may more effectively do so.
All the love & tasty food,
❤ Acorn & Frances Rose

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