Next Cook Day, Workshops, & More!

Greetings, friends of fine fare!
In this email you’ll find: 
  • An invitation to our next cook day
    • the CSK is on Facebook
    • Upcoming events schedule
  • Wholesome Desserts recap & recipes 
You are invited to the CSK’s next Faemily Cook Day.  Join us as we explore…
Japanese Cuisine
April 3, 3:33-9:33pm
at the Starship Lollipop (1117 S. 46th St)
We’ll be exploring patterns within & across Japanese food traditions.  With attention to visual grace and an abundance of color, we’ll be building a diverse menu from some basic & inexpensive ingredients that can be found with ease in Philadelphia.  Rice, vegetables, soy, seaweed, soba noodles, and more, will be brought together simply, and keep us well-fed throughout the day, as then be presented as a sumptuous dinner.  If you love Japanese food, simply feel curious about it, or want to add another menu to your peasant-foods-of-the-world repetoire, we hope you’ll join us.

Did you hear? The CSK is now on Facebook! 
The purpose of the group is for our beloved CSK faemily (and those curious about what we do!) to have another way to access information about the CSK & our upcoming events. Please use it to stay in touch, post photos, and encourage each other to come share kitchen time together
If Facebook isn’t your jam, no worries! All the same information will continue to be available on this email list. 
Also be sure to mark these UPCOMING EVENTS on your calendar:
Addiction & Compulsive Eating Support Group/Workshop
Wednesday, April 13, 7:03-9:33pm 
Less of a cooking lesson, more of a skill-share & a growing support network to help each of us who struggle in some way with food addiction find a more easeful & healthy path through.  Addicted to sugar?  Gluten intolerant but can’t stop eating bread?  Got the fast-food blues?  Even if you struggle with drugs or alcohol, and feel curious about food-based harm-reduction strategies, come check it out.  We hope to see you. 
Cook Day (theme TBD – feel free to suggest something 
Sunday, April 24, 3:33-9:33pm 
And finally, a delicious and ‘pattern recipe’-filled recap of our recent Wholesome Desserts Workshop!  
Wholesome Desserts’ are those that will blow your mind & feel great in your body.
We began the workshop by whipping up carrot cake batter. Because this wasn’t just any carrot cake, we also toasted some millet to mix in. The end result is millet suspended throughout the cake, adding ancient grain-goodness and a sublime texture. Rose invented this variation while exploring millet through the writings of cook & author Bert Greene, whose passion for it is inspiring. 
While the cake was in the oven we explored two other simple, but incredibly satisfying desserts. The first is our own version of sachlav (a popular beverage from the Eastern Mediterranean originally sweetened with orchid bulbs). We blend together 1 cup cooked rice, 4 cups water, 3/4 cup tahini, a generous drizzle of honey, and another drizzle of carob molasses to arrive at a sumptuous & filling drink that is great on it’s own or added to coffee or Dandy Blend (to create what we call a ‘Dandy Cap’). 
After savoring our sachlav, we made a rich dessert bowl called Almond Cup. We mixed together almond butter, maple syrup, cocoa powder, cinnamon, & vanilla at the workshop, though the general pattern for this dessert is:
nut butter (or whole nuts) + maple or honey (you can stop there and it will be great) + cocoa + yummy spices & extracts. 
With the carrot cake now almost finished baking, we started work on an incredible cane sugar-free meringue frosting. The idea is to beat eggs whites (with a little salt & vanilla) into a froth and then to continue beating while pouring in a thin stream of just-boiling honey. We didn’t quite achieve the desired fluffy consistency, but even our more liquid icing was completely divine poured over the carrot cake. 
We ended our evening well-satiated and knowing that we had treated our spirits & bodies with sweet wholesome deliciousness.
Yours in the Kitchen,
❤ Acorn & Frances Rose

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