K is for Kitchen

K is for Kitchen & the CSK are something like two sides of the same coin, with much of what we do dancing on the growing edge in between.  It is natural then, and perhaps unsurprising, that the mission of K is for Kitchen shares much in common with that of the CSK.  Through both we intend:

To connect people with a passion for Life, through the shared experience of preparing & enjoying beautifully-sourced, delicious food. 
We intend to offer this connection through many channels, including:

Rooted deeply in authentic expressions of culinary traditions from around the world, we serve people looking for high quality, ethically sourced, vital foods. Stirring magic & healing stories into everything we prepare we delight seekers of exquisite food experiences, as well as those with demanding diets.

Further, we plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing skills & knowledge required to prepare amazing food anywhere, while investing in a community food system that nourishes deeply any place we call home.